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  • Green Ninja Run

    Green Ninja Run

    runner runner Ninja Ninja Mouse Mouse Platform Platform Collecting Collecting Jumping Jumping Gold Gold Keyboard Keyboard Obstacle Obstacle

    Game description

    To win this fantastic Green Man Smash game, you must escape the TNT and other explosive items by making strategic jumps around the area. Indeed, spike. It may be challenging, but mastering double jumps is essential to ninja training. It is simple to use and will save you from drowning or being erased from the globe.

    Ninja Rush is a blast, an aggressive sprinter with some Red And Green: Candy Forest game components. You take on the role of Arashi, a renowned former ninja on a mission to rescue his abducted son from the clutches of the shadow fiend Bookings.

    Arashi is equipped with assault rifles and acrobatic prowess to fight the dangerous traps and opponents that have vowed to guard the shadow fiend Orochi. Gold and diamonds found on Green Circles defeated foes and in the world around you may be used to purchase power-ups that will help you adapt to the game's increasing challenge. Avoid obstacles, decimate your opponents, and get to your kid quickly.

    Release date: 15 June 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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