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Play some of the best platform games to make your spare time cool and awesome. We've collected some of the most excellent and unique platform games for our small kids. These platform shooting games will make their extra time cooler. Such games increase the brain functionality of kids. Running games like these increases the focus, decision-making power, and overall synchronization of the brain with hands. Play jerry adventures where you need to shoot on the boxes and collect the points. You need to aim at the enemies, and this firing game will take your aiming skills to the next level. Play Fall Boys and Fall Boys, an open-world 3D platform game where you can go anywhere you want. Run, move, jump and sprint as you like without any restrictions. All you need to do is to keep running! Play VEX 3 is wholly inspired and based on the story of the Vector platform game. It's a 2D platform game where you need to keep your avatar running and prevent it from being hit by obstacles. It would be best if you protected your avatar from enemies. Collect the boost-ups and unlock the next door. For Subway Surfers like games, lovers must try BEN 10 Running. It's an endless, endless running game inspired by subway surfers where you need to keep your avatar running all the time and collect coins—talking about platform games? How can we forget the Minecraft platform game? Play Minecraft adventure is one of the best replicas of real adventure Minecraft games in a platform genre theme! Play LOLBEANS that is an endless running game like subway surfers. But here, the twist is that you need to protect your avatar from being hit by obstacles! 

These online browser platform games are for mobile android and iOS tablets or phone device or computer. They include platform games such as Astronaut Steve and top platform games such as Slime Arrows, Super Archer, Lady Tower, ADAM AND EVE GO 3, Noob vs Zombie, Forest Rush, Super Frog, Lows Adventures, Backflip Adventure, and many more free platform games at bestcrazygames.

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