• Jungle book 2d running


      Game Description

      Join your favourite character of The jungle book - Mowgli, and his friends Baloo and Bagheera to reach the human village. Can you complete the mission safely?

      The gameplay of this Disney adventure game revolves around a human child raised by animals within the jungle. Now this human child - Mowgli, wants to go back to his human community to live his life like other humans from where the main adventure begins.

      In this jungle book game for PC, The Mowgli will have his best buddies Baloo and Bagheera throughout the journey, but passing the jungle to reach the men's village will not be an easy task at all. Undoubtedly, his buddies will do their best to make him achieve his goal in this HTML 5 adventure, but the route is full of obstacles and dangerous jungle creatures. Mowgli and his friends cannot make it without your aid. So will you help them in this adventure game for kids?

      This arcade game resembles the fast-paced gaming challenge, so you have to prepare yourself accordingly. No one can predict when Mowgli in the jungle book game will encounter danger along his way. In other words, you are going to dive into a real jungle adventure. Since your motive is to make Mowgli reach his village, you'll have to leap across rivers and lakes, jump across the obstacles and dodge the dangerous and vicious animals. Take the valuable piece of advice of your most loyal friends to finish this 3d adventure game quickly.

      You don't need to worry if you think you are not so good in runner games since this game is much more than that. You don't have to be a good runner at all to complete the mission successfully. In this best jungle adventure game, all you have to do is to press the up and down arrows to jump and get off the obstacles, respectively. Quite easy-peasy, right?

      To stay prominent and make it happen till the end, avoid running into rocks, monkeys, and even the eagles. If you don't take these creatures seriously, you will lose your health, and eventually, you have to start your journey as a jungle adventurer from the very first point. Your loyal friends Baloo and Bagheera will always be there to sacrifice, and on hitting each obstacle, one of them will go. Thus, you will have three lives throughout this jungle run, your's, Baloo's, and Bagheera's!

      If you want to be the top scorer of this Disney jungle adventure mission, try to collect the maximum number of bananas, hop on the obstacles, grab all the hanging vines and never miss out on any item. Keep an eye always on the upcoming dangers. So are you ready to dive with The Jungle Book characters on this trip? If yes, then press the play now icon and let us start the Jungle sprint mission for you. If you love playing Jungle Sprint, try out Cluck N' chuck!

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