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What are the most popular Animal Games?

What are the best Animal Games to play on phones and tablet?

Play free animal games only at Best Crazy Games. Interact with your animals and enjoy your free time! We've got some of the best collection of online video games that involve animals. You can want and play lots of free video games to interact with animals and experience as they are your pet. Because animals and pets always have a special place in our hearts. You can play shark games, horsing games, feeding games, pet games, and many more. All of our games are specifically designed to make players more interactive with the game. You can play Animal Simulator, an awesome truck driving game where you need to deliver different large size animals from one place to another through your truck. Drive carefully and prevent the animal from any damage; otherwise, you'll lose your pints. Our Horse Racing and Horse Riding is proven to be the best horse riding simulator for kids. Race and compete with your rivals in the best riding simulator. If you like monster games, then you must play Monster Dragon.

Play awesome animal games here at Best Crazy Games for entirely free! Play animals racing, transport, and much other fun to play online video games!

In this game, you need to fly and search for your enemies. You need to kill your enemies through the dragon's fire and win the game—Play Robot Police, inspired by an iconic 2D game Sonic Advance 2. Kill and eliminate the thieves and collect the points. Also, we've created a unique and out of the box game,Dog Racing. Just like a human marathon race, we've designed this dog's marathon racing video game. Run your dog against other people's dogs and take first place to win the game. Collect points and to unlock new skins and locations to make your gameplay more stunning. These were some of the best free online video games that include animals. But we have a vast collection of many other animal games tailored just for you!

These online browser animal games are for mobile android and iOS tablets or phone device or computer. They include animal games such as Baby Happy Cleaning and top animal games such as BTS Funny Frog Coloring Book, Paper Fold, Daddy Rabbit , Fairway Solitaire, Flying Mufic, Panda Escape With Piggy 2, Happy Birthday Party, Animal Daycare Pet Vet & Grooming Games 2, Fun Animals Memory, and many more free animal games at bestcrazygames.

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