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      Are you ready to play a new survival game where you will be in action to save the humans and keep a giant underground monster? If yes, then start now!

      The gameplay of this survival game revolves around an alien. The monster has landed on this planet and is now struggling to survive and stay alive here. Your role in this 3d game for PC would be to help him in this mission and guide him on what and when he should do something on the earth.

      You know humans cannot tolerate living with a giant worm-like monster, and this monster in this 3d game animals did not even come to the planet to make friends, though. The beast has to feed on other predators of the land to stay alive, and as we all know, who is a giant predator on earth? Humans.

      This adventure game online comprises various levels, and your goal in each one would be to help the monster feed the food he needs. At the start of this diggy's adventure, the monster would be running under the earth, and you will be the one who can control this creature.

      The humans in these Shooting games online are running above the ground since they became aware that a monster can come out of the land's surface anytime and anywhere. Since there is a worldwide panic, the army and sharpshooters would be pointed at different locations in this gunman game.

      Remember that all these sniper 3d shooters are behind your life. They want to kill your worm to bring it back to normal, but you don't have to let that happen. Instead, you have to steer your monster in this online battle game and guide him when to come out from the underground when there's no shooter ahead.

      Whenever you'd see a shooter in this html5 game, go underground immediately since their shooting could make your game over.

      In each round of this clicker game, you will see an energy bar at the upper left corner, indicating your monster's food level. How much you have to suffer in each stage depends on how fast you fill this food bar with green.

      Eating more humans, playing more consciously, and remaining alive for longer would help you become the ultimate champion of this 3d monster game.

      And one more thing, you are not making all these efforts in this mobile game to please the worm. Instead, you will see aliens evolving while transiting from one level to another, and you will love it when you see that your little worm has grown into a massive monster till the end. So why are you still here? Jump into this fun adventure and show your survival skills and conservative gaming strategy to the entire universe. If you like this sniper game for Android, you should also try the Geometry neon dash rainbow game.

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