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  • Noob Nightmare Arcade

    Noob Nightmare Arcade

    Simulator Simulator Puzzle Puzzle Minecraft Minecraft Stickman Stickman Pixel Pixel 1player 1player escape escape time time puzzles puzzles challenge challenge timekiller timekiller pixelart pixelart 2022 2022 survive survive

    Game Description

     The Noob is sound sleeping at the moment. You've just got 15 seconds to complete his fantasy! Have fun with paintball and other action games!
    Pro in UFO is coming to Noob in the role of Noob in 3D online action games. - Noob, the main character, raises several intriguing issues. You'll take on the character of a Noob Super Agent vs. Robots in his action games pc and fight up against the Evil God.
    It's a challenge for the Noob to keep his footing on the action games for free.

    - With your help, take on 32 challenges in action games and movies and survive for 15 seconds.
    It was the greatest nightmare that had come true for the protagonist, who now finds himself sucked into an unpleasant world of action games for youngsters. To get out of this android offline game, you must help him. Do not stray from the well-lit route, overcome obstacles, and never engage in action or crazed games where you run the risk of damage coming to you. This strange platformer can only be exited by completing the problematic action game customization and finding the stars and lights to return to reality.

    Jimmy is more reliant than ever on your ability to think like an action-game character to help him escape his nightmare. Fly through hell, dodging obstacles and playing action games, using only your finger to control. Cute and relaxing independent co-op games have great black-and-white artwork throughout. In the action game ZOMBIES NIGHT, the goal is to travel the farthest distance possible and rack up as many points as possible.
    How did Red Imposter go from pro to an amateur and then on a fantastic quest to regain his power and convert him back into a game? As an action funny game impact, the pro must return to the beginning.
    Edmonton's paintball action games are known for their fun and fast-paced action. You can finish the level faster if you defeat the blue noobs and enhance your action games.
    Innumerable entertaining action games are available, and many incorporate many comedic elements.

    Release Date: 14 July 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    1289 played times

    Category: Action

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