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  • Neon Dash Drive Deluxe

    Neon Dash Drive Deluxe

    WebGL WebGL Car Car Survival Survival Unity 3D Unity 3D Shooting Shooting Free Free

    Game description

    A warm welcome, ladies and gentlemen, and Neon Race, even you guys from the future! Suppose you want to save the world in Lightning Dash Drive Premium and are that single car of guns left. In that case, you will need to protect yourselves at all costs while driving on the motorway and destroying enemy ships to be able to eliminate everyone. You can move the vehicle using the keyboard. The Day Run basics are WASD, and you can use space to perform a special attack once you need it. You may see special attacks after eliminating some planes.

    It is in the future. The territory was overrun by ships. Dive into the neon world, avoid the traps and platforms, and face off against the epic boss! It would help if you also gave yourself the Geometry Neon Dash challenge of getting a high score in the Unlimited mode.

    While cruising through the endless world of Rider, you will have the opportunity to perform insane stunts. Get on your motorcycle, and start doing Unity 3D crazy flips as soon as possible. To earn all 56 magnificent bikes, you must complete 100 challenges across all 32 levels and unlock ten different Themes to accumulate daily rewards.

    Release date: 31 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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