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  • Offroad Cargo Truck

    Offroad Cargo Truck

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    In Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator, your goal is to deliver a load of tree boards to their final destination. The game starts challenging, but you'll quickly level up and be able to afford more substantial vehicles. You may choose from various game types, including the classic Free Run and Missions. are you prepared to take on this challenge?

    Remember the most crucial detail: you'll be eliminated from the competition if you're late. Your mission in this cargo truck simulator 2021 is to load up your truck with Asian Off-road Cargo Truck Driver goods and transport them to their designated destination in one piece, following the road signs and arrows indicating the best route for your Indian-made vehicle.

    Keep your eye out for Driving and other obstacles on the road since hitting either will end the game and cause you to fail your objective if the truck's cargo spills out.

    Release Date: 19 September 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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