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    Game description

    Inside this fantastic game, your objective is to Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator collects various items and transports them to various locations. The task may seem simple initially, but you will suffer the consequences even if they fail. The world map or landscape will also shift as you go through the game and finish more stages.

    Please help by taking the trailer truck's wheel as it travels over the mountains. It's not straightforward to land a job driving a freighter truck, especially in India, so you'll need to Offroad Cargo Truck demonstrate your real-world driving talents in this adventure. Try out this game to get a feel for what it seems to want to operate a massive truck traversing dirty off-road paths in the forest.

    In this Bali Transport Driver Simulator video game, you may take the wheel of a variety with off trucks to move cargo along the roadway. Fun and exciting adventure await you, therefore, in the game. An exciting off-road drive is guaranteed with the several loads of stuff you'll be delivering.

    Release date: 8 May 2020 , Platform: Web browser

    Classification: crazy games

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