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  • Opposite Reaction

    Opposite Reaction

    Mouse Mouse 1 Player 1 Player Gun Gun

    Game description

    Contrary action or response The ship is covered in Reactions with deadly traps. You are a person who will not fall for one of these lures. You are entrusted with putting the newly developed gun through its paces to facilitate the development of an alternative method of navigation aboard the ship.

    You have just a pistol. The ship is enormous, has an Arcade, and has many decks. The third rule of motion that Newton proposed stipulates that there is an equal and opposite response for every action.

    Under this entertaining brainteaser, the key to BMX Games' success is to evade the planets' gravitational pull and steer clear of the annoying comets that may, in other circumstances, prevent you from reaching your goal.

    You have been given command of a spaceship Breaker Bricks and tasked with obliterating a hostile alien space station asteroids have gravity, which might cause a shift in the path that your bullet takes.

    Release date: 28 July 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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