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    Play Correct Math games, run a farm, and nourish dinosaurs!

    Baby Panda's arithmetic universe has been devastated by the cool math games, and your help is needed. Now is your chance to shine! To save math games online, let us depart immediately.

    The free ruler of the math games is going to cause mayhem. To confront the demon monarch, you must avoid electricity and ascend into the needle math game. It can throw fireballs, so be careful.

    In other words, dear little hero, when the demon monarch loses steam, it's time to initiate an assault and conquer it! Move on to the next exciting math phase of your life.

    Test your puzzle-solving skills. Restore the confectionery island by carefully observing the shapes of the math game addition and placing them in their appropriate slots.

    It would help if you moved boulders and timber to get to the math game adventure. To fix up Correct Math, you'll need to travel across the seas and the jungle in search of colored jewels.

    Release date: 21 March 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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