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  • Pacman Clone

    Pacman Clone

    WebGL WebGL Unity 3D Unity 3D 1 Player 1 Player Arcade Arcade Evade Evade

    Game Description

    This sport may seem similar to specific individuals, but rest assured that it is not the same! Yes, the map and other details are the same, but everything moves much more quickly. You have to Pacman html5 rush since the ghost may also move very quickly.

    Therefore, you must gather the little dots; after Mine Clone 4, you have collected a significant drop, and you can consume several ghosts. The ghosts will take on a purple or blue hue as a result! Anyways, to advance to the following map, ensure you have everything necessary to play the classic arcade game you like.

    This update includes new game modes, mazes, energy, and more! This fascinating version of the famous arcade game has been modified for mobile devices, so you can now join millions of other players in gobbling up PAC-DOTS and Clone Ball Rush, chewing on GHOSTS.

    We have updated the appearance and feel of the game across its whole. Modifications to the logic have been made, the structure of the HUD, the main Multiplayer screens, the shop, the collectors, and the UX for all types of updates, resulting in a gaming encounter that is more concise and intuitive.

    Release Date: 16 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser,

    7274 played times

    Category: Arcade

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