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  • Pacman html5

    Pacman html5

    Arcade Arcade 1player 1player pacman pacman

    Game Description

    Ready to jump into another action maze challenge to test your risk-taking and pressure-handling skills? Can you survive till the final round as a Pacman? Pacman is an adventure maze chase online game where your goal is to control the Pacman Clone character with a big mouth and eat all the dots shown in the maze. The main challenge you will encounter while playing this Html game is the four-coloured ghosts. Each ghost possesses unique colours.

    And abilities such as blinky are red and can directly chase Pacman. Pinky and inky are pink and cyan Pacman games, respectively, and both try to come in front of Pacman to kill him. And lastly, Clyde is orange and can flee from Pacman and chase him. Each corner of the maze possesses one power pellet eating, which can reverse ghosts' direction and weaken them. You can eat the spirit in this state; however, they will regenerate after a specific interval.

    As you proceed further in this maze runner game, the difficulty game, Animals Memory HTML5 level, will increase with fewer energizers, shorter power durations, fast-paced ghosts, and complex maze layouts. This 2d maze game is so fun to play, and you will surely enjoy it. Play now and reveal how many levels of this free multilevel game you can finish! Extend your level of fun further with the Mouse maze.

    Release Date: 10 June 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    2493 played times

    Category: Arcade

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