• Police Car Chase Driving Sim


      Game Description

      Are you ready to play as a furious policeman to chase the outlaws? If yes, then hop into your car, fasten your seatbelt, and put your foot on the race!

      Play Police Car Chase Driving Sim on best crazygames unblocked.

      In this police car chase 3d game, you have to play the role of a police officer who has hopped into his car to chase the outlaws and criminals with enormous firepower. This single-player car game will give you an exciting car driving experience. Since it is a 3d car simulator game, you have to perform multiple tasks at a time. At one time in this series of best racing games, you have to drive a race car. On the other hand, you have to complete the missions to bring the prisoners back to the cell. The land mafias, terrorists, and drug mafias have penetrated the civilians and are planning to destroy the town's peace. So, your duty as a police officer in this police game is to crack down on these criminals, enforce the rules and laws and make the city peaceful again.

      Thus, to stay at the top of the leaderboard in this city car driving, you have to be an excellent driver to shoot your enemies and criminals and destroy them along with their vehicles. If you are a lover of 3d games, then this car game is perfect for you since here, you will experience 3d racing.

      Remember that you are on your mission to protect the civilians in this free PC game, so avoid colliding with the civilians' cars.

      This extreme car driving simulator is known as one of the best online car games. The features which make it that extraordinary are as follows

      • In this police racing game, you have to go through the busy streets of a city with too many driving cars. Your main goal in this car drifting game should be to choose a good car, chase the criminals, earn the rewards and utilize it to improve your existing vehicles or buy new ones.

      • This exciting driving game would give you a chance to live the life of a police officer. Since it is a city car driving simulator, you have to round over the streets searching for people who have escaped the local prison. You can enjoy the helicopter backup plan in this supercars game to chase the criminals earlier.

      • You can do everything to accomplish your task like extreme car driving, chasing, racing, drifting, etc., to protect the premises in this smash simulator and cop chase.

      Thus, fasten your seatbelt, hold control, put your foot on the accelerator and prove your driving skills with this real-time, challenging gameplay.

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