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  • Poppy Dungeons

    Poppy Dungeons

    Survival Survival kiz10 kiz10 monster monster action action shooter shooter weapon weapon huggywuggy huggywuggy

    Game description

    Poppy Dungeons game is a survival game and an action game. This monster game Does not stop running until you destroy all the monsters in this shooting game, poppy.

    Every mission is associated with every level. You must get away from Huggy, Save The Poppy Time, Killy Billy, and their Rainbow pals.

    You must also rescue Poppy dolls or gather objects to complete puzzles. Huggy is in a deep depression because of Player. Just want to embrace you till we're out of breath, Huggy.

    Lock Up Dungeon. You must use your intelligence to handle the grab-pack machine so that you may get out of sticky situations.
    You may take an object stealthily with a grab pack or use it to pull yourself out of potentially hazardous situations.

    Release date: 8 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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