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  • Power Transmission Puzzle

    Power Transmission Puzzle

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    Game description

    Try the power transmission puzzle game, and enjoy Power Boat Racing 3D connecting all the power cables to pass the current from the wires to light up the bulb and earn points. Power Transmission puzzle Is the best electric gadget electric shock game, and you need to connect the wires to lighten up the bulb by simply clicking the switch with the bulb connector.

    The rules of this handheld electronic puzzle game for adults are simple and you need to observe the sequence of the wires to know the connecting points and then connect each wire to transfer the current from the switch to the bulb holder for turning it on. With each stage, these electronic puzzle games get more complex, and you will experience more than one wire and bulb by clearing stages.

    The best part of this hyper-casual game online is the strategy you will need to remove Boat Transport Simulator steps as they are brain-teasing, and not every person can solve them efficiently. These brain games for kids are the best as they help groom your child and make them learn the facts and ideas of how to create connections for the wires. Play this engaging, fun brain arcade game and show your strategies of connecting the cables to pass the current and be a gadget master.

    Release date: 11 October 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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