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  • Stickman Home Escape

    Stickman Home Escape

    Stickman Stickman

    Game Description

    Your stickman boss game is now residing in another town. Your family has just relocated, and you have enrolled at the local public school with a blue stickman game. After a few weeks of classes at your new school, you discover Stickman Skate 360 Epic City, your next-door neighbor, is your math instructor.

    It has become abundantly clear to you that your new stickman games for mobile exhibit unusual behavior. On his own time, he often attends classes. That's why you investigated independently without informing your angry stickman game. You decided to break into the school one day and learn the truth about your math instructor Stickman Vector. You paid your math professor a weekend visit to say hey. You aroused his wrath, and he took off in hot animation stickman game. You made it back to your house safely. They didn't believe you when you told your mom, dad, and grandma. They didn't believe you when you told them about your wicked neighbor since they seemed animator vs. stickman game. 

    Navigate the massive campus without being detected. Avoid the Sticky Fingers by taking cover and making your way away. Give out your neighbor's worst secret in the arrow stickman game! You've been tasked with completing a series of stickman game battle royales within the school.

    Release Date: 5 February 2023 , Platform: Web browser,

    240 played times

    Category: Adventure

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