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  • Toilet Rush 2

    Toilet Rush 2

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    game description

     Are you ready to play Toilet Rush 2!? In this awesome game, you will have to do your necessities. But you are in a hurry.
    Playing these games will offer you the thrill of solving puzzling mazes, perfect if you've become tired of the standard fare. More particularly, you'll feel the pressure to Zonic Rush Toilet to complete the level quickly since you'll be controlling a charming cartoon critter that has to use the restroom badly but can't find its way out of the labyrinth.

    As a labyrinth puzzle, Bathroom Rush is entertaining and challenging. Favorite cartoons on the way to the restroom. Frustrating barriers must be Toilet Paper Hoarder broken through, and hazards must be avoided. Please choose from the following degrees to add variety to your labyrinth experience.

    You may assist your favorite characters in locating the restroom quickly by dragging your thumb puzzle block along a predetermined route. You're ambitious and want to test yourselves by finding a straightforward way out of the labyrinth.
     There will also be a bar that will display a timer! If it goes to the max, you lose! Make sure you get there as fast as possible! Anyways as always, have fun, and good luck playing! Walkthrough here! 

    Release Date: 21 March 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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