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  • Twist Hit

    Twist Hit

    WebGL WebGL puzzle puzzle Logic Logic Range Range

    Game description

    We hope you enjoy your stay at this puzzle game, Twisty Road! You have to fire cubes while avoiding the walls! By doing so, you will be able to grow trees!

    Here's a fantastic puzzle game for all you puzzle lovers out there! HITMAN SNIPER is a crazy free online game that lets you play with numbers in a puzzle outlay. A whole lot of pc players and mobile players love this html5 game. This online puzzle game is a great way to keep your brain active. For you, we've designed puzzles and stages that are uniquely tough.

    Twist Hit offers you the opportunity to construct exotic and unusual trees! Now is the time to try it out! If you're playing on a mobile device, you'll use the mouse and finger to navigate. Make sure you clear off numbers from the entire board and don't let any moves go to waste; if you think you can take on the challenge, come and try out Twist Hit today! Bertrand's family to help you out if needed. Enjoy this excellent free online puzzle game!

    Release date: 3 April 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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