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      Are you ready to live the life of a stickman police driver who has to put his life at risk every day to transfer the extremely dangerous criminals and gangsters?

      Play US Police Stickman Criminal on bestcrazygames.

      You must have played numerous all-wheel-drive cars and simulator games, but this transporter game is different. This prisoner transport game is known as one of the best stickman games due to various reasons and, most of all, due to its unique gameplay.

      In this bus simulator game, you have to transport the criminals and prisoners by playing the role of a bus driver. Would you please not think that you have to give them a simple pick and drop service? In this fall boys game, you will have to deal with the criminals and many evildoers. The gameplay of this 3d driving game revolves around a Bus driver who has to transport gangsters, terrorists, and many other dangerous criminals from one spot to another. The government of the in-game state is about to transfer these dangerous prisoners to another personal site. Since the destination in these adventure games online is quite far, they are transferred via an air voyage - through the plane.

      You must be wondering how you would drive a plane when you are a bus driver in this coop game? Your mission would be to drop the criminals from the terminal to the main takeoff site via your passenger van. Thus, as a fighting stickman officer, it will be your responsibility to safely transfer your evil passengers from one place to the other.

      Don't forget that all of these fit-to-fight people are dying for freedom, and they can do everything for it. That's why you have to stay active and attentive throughout the journey as a parkour stickman since your van is full of gangsters.

      On landing in this simulation game, you must pass through many checkpoints to pick these prisoners first. After picking them up:

      • Move towards the car parking lot and start your job.

      • Show your extreme car driving simulator skills by giving a thrilling and breathtaking drive to these robbers, thieves, and criminals.

      • Meet your dreams of car drifting and racing in these road trip games. The gangsters will try to hit throughout the journey, but you must protect yourself and complete your mission.

      • In the end, show your car parking games skills by parking the van safely on the takeoff site.

      Since you are playing as a stickman police officer, you have to avoid colliding with any other vehicle, and you will be responsible for any mishap in this crazy road game. This game is much more different than the other US jailbreak games and prisoner break games.

      So, start playing and unlock the rewards and higher levels waiting for you in this best online game. If you like this free online game, you should also try the Flying police bus game.

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