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  • Zero Squares

    Zero Squares

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    Game description

    Try Zero Squares to reassure your strengths in a relaxing and minimalistic Zero Numbers game online. Plan the correct actions to eliminate all the coloured blocks! Zero Squares game is a relaxing and minimalistic puzzle game online. This relaxing puzzle game PC demands you to destroy energetic blocks.

    In other phrases, you will need to destroy all the bright-coloured squares in this relaxing puzzle game for free. Doing this could untie the following challenges in this 2D relaxing Puzzle game. Thoroughly guide all the squares and tiles in this fun, relaxing puzzle game to their corresponding squares.

    If you are a PC player, utilize the WASD keys to navigate the tiles in this top relaxing puzzle game. If you are a mobile player, make proper arrow keys to win ZeroSquares, this fun and relaxing puzzle game. If you feel you have been dropped in a loop, reset the match! Kill aliens with your proficiency in mathematics by Aliens Vs. Math!

    Release date: 14 September 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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