Zombies Royale Impostor Drive

    Zombies Royale Impostor Drive

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    Game description

    What had been predicted occurred! Here on Earth, we have impostors! They look like zombies
    Simply get behind the wheel and murder as many people as possible.

    You may kill more enemies by refueling and resupplying your vehicle while on the go.
    There are plenty of treacherous impediments on the route, so be careful.
    A starship left Earth in 2023 AD and headed towards the faraway Puda galaxy. The spaceship's supplies had run dry after a very long journey. There were rioting and Fighting between the crew members, and you were a part of it.

    There is only one member, and they must work together to eliminate all potential threats before they can finish their objective and reach their destination.
    Many Zombie Apocalypse WarZ game types, dozens of weaponry, and 15 levels of difficulty are available. You must constantly create new, powerful weapons, raise your rank, and finish the game victorious in combat. Remember that the drone's chest contains items that might simplify the game.
    It would help if you learned the ins and outs of each weapon's unique assault pattern and handling requirements.

    Release date: 23 April 2023 , Platform: Web browser

    Classification: crazy games

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