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    Game description

    In the title Salmonz.io, you'll swim across the ocean as you Sports compete against other players. You'll need to hop over those fences to access the next lake. Go farther and investigate the surrounding area to get the most excellent possible score. It recreates what it would be like to be a fish! Yet this isn't just any ordinary fish; it's a salmon.

    The bears are also going to make an appearance in this game! You must avoid making contact with them at all costs! Additionally, there will be a Strategy more significant number of salmon encounters. Consume food to improve your stats and get a better score. Please take out the competition by assaulting them from behind and from the sides.

    Every time you kill a fish, bring the head to his blade. You will need to collect three charges to upgrade to the Multiplayer medium edge, and you will need to collect five leads to upgrade to the enormous sword.

    Participate in a tri arena in which the fish are armed with beautiful but lethal tusks, and try to capture your fair portion of the prey while avoiding being cut by the .io Games pointy end of another game's blade. You may become the sea queen by dominating the ocean, eating sushi to get power-ups, and collecting fish heads like trophies.

    Release date: 3 September 2019 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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