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Are you ready to match your racing skills against that rag-tag crew of opponents and to explore the mysterious islands full of dragon-infested castles, ancient temples, and some apocalyptic stands? If yes, then you are the perfect site. Here, at best crazy games, we have formulated a special category for buggy games lovers under the tag of top-rated buggy games. So play these online free buggy games nonstop and upgrade and unlock more monster trucks, moon buggies, and many other interesting and epic powerups with this wide collection of free buggy games.

To make you more clear about the category, let's have a look at some of the most played buggy games so you can directly jump into the exact action-packed trajectory without trying so many irrelevant games.

The category starts with the buggy game obstacle, and as the name implies, this 2d buggy game is all about jumping in the racing trajectory along with your super fast buggy kart.

However, this game is not as straightforward as other traditional racing games since you have to maintain your speed much higher than the other foes around you. More so, another bigger challenge is to prevent collisions with the traffic - three collisions and poof! Your buggy cart would explode. So can you win this buggy race by passing through all the tricky obstacles on time? Play the game and test yourself!

Are you finding something to calm your restless stuntman soul? Try out the Buggy drive stunt sim, which will never let you sit at your seat calmly. The gameplay consists of a deserted island where so many obstacles are awaiting you. And the most interesting part of the game is the availability of many non-traditional buggy cars and monster trucks.

On completing each mission in this free stunt game, a new vehicle would unlock for you. But, completing missions is the real challenge, though! Passing a buggy cart from the tricky loops and high ramps will make you jump out of your skin for sure, and if you want to try something more stunning, move your cart towards the construction site and show your stunts and drifting skills there.

RCK offroad Vehicle explorer is a 3d offroad car driving game where your main goal is to collect different keys shown on the map. These keys would be located near or far, and to reach those locations, you have to put 100% of your efforts. The cars available in this adventure driving game are not those traditional ones, but the catalog consists of monster trucks, buggy karts, and many other non-traditional vehicles.

This multilevel car driving game might be difficult for you at first, but once you develop good and firm control over steering and speed, everything would be in your hands. Plus, you can also upgrade your vehicle or buy some other vehicles with your hard-earned points. So, try this offroad car racing game and find out how many keys you can collect.

To play more epic buggy games for free, like a crazy buggy demolition derby, Offroad beach buggy car drive, etc., move towards the category.

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