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What are the most popular logic Games?

What are the best logic Games to play on phones and tablet?

What are popular logic Games?

Logic games is a video game genre that refers to the use of some basic human logic to solve any puzzle and win the game. For example, how could you pass from a closed-door? It requires a very basic logic that you need to open the door first, and this is how these logic games for 9 years old works. They require a very basic logic of kids to let you win the game without any problem. These games are most popular with small kids, as they give them a dopamine rush when they win the game. Such logic games for kids, not require any elite graphics pack to make the video game more addictive. 

Play some of the best online logic games and increase your response rate as much as you can. These video games help you to increase your IQ level by providing you with an environment to test out your logic. It is scientifically proven that logic games are best for human brains because they are efficient in increasing the IQ level of kids up to 40%. That's why we’ve developed such games of Logic video games to increase the IQ of your kid easily. Play Spider Zoombie where you need to make sure that your avatar doesn’t fall off the ground. Just keep your avatar suspended from the rope and move him through the keyboard to unlock the next level. For football lovers, must try Penalty Shooter where you need to kick the football to win the match. It requires some intermediate logic skills. Try to link it up. That is extremely easy to play, but difficult for low IQ games. All you’ve to do is to line up all the straight lines to build a bridge between two gaps so that your avatar can pass the gap. This logic game for kids would make them happy! Play We Bare Bear is based on very simple controls. All you need to do is to arrange all the tiles in a straight manner so that the bear can pass the way and you can unlock the next level. Must try to Rotate, which is extremely fun to play and contains the best logic for kids. You would need to rotate the box upside down or left or right to move the avatar and help him to reach his destination.  Try lectro! This game is simple logic based stress-relieving game that would definitely help to reduce your stress level. Aim your target and hit enter when the arrow points at your target.

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