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  • Crazy Duck Hunter

    Crazy Duck Hunter

    First Person Shooter First Person Shooter Animal Animal 1 Player 1 Player Shooting Shooting Arcade Arcade Free Free Shoot Em Up Shoot Em Up 2D 2D action action shoot shoot Free Games Free Games

    Game description

    Play Crazy Duck Hunter for free! In this awesome Shooter game, you will have to defeat all of the ducks so the dog can pick them up, and you continue Crazy Math Game for kids game next! Crazy Duck Hunter is a 2D game where your goal is to use your shotgun and shoot all the ducks!

    If you fail, that's okay, but you will have fewer points and might lose the Animal game! Reload, shoot and continue to the next! It will start getting more challenging by the time you complete a few levels! They will fly faster, and you have to focus when you do that! Shoot a minimum of six ducks with your gun to get past the next level in this Shooting game!

    You will also have a limited amount of bullets, and then you will have to relate to and Run Run Duck game and continue! 3 Minimum! If you are ready to go for Crazy Duck hunting, let us begin this Arcade game! Instructions: Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move the Cursor and space to Shoot.

    Release date: 7 May 2021 , Platform: Web browser

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