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    ET Game

    html5 html5 Progress Progress Killing Killing Platform Platform 1 Player 1 Player Collecting Collecting Gun Gun Shooting Shooting Space Space

    Game description

    Try out our Node.js adventure game, ET Tournament! You must be an alien to get here! On the other hand, some could be better. Get in on the fun with our Angularjs Ultra Planet Adventure videogame ET Game. You must be an extraterrestrial! But some could be better. You'll need all the spatial awareness you can muster to take on those beasts.

    You'll need to get all stars to complete each level perfectly. In addition, please retrieve all of the gems. The Extraterrestrial Game is a hard and Progress entertaining 2D diablo clone. There are ten increasingly difficult stages to complete in this play. (More Difficulty Settings to Come) Complete the game and guide the alien to the home doorstep.

    The patterns are gorgeous and vibrant. JM Neto Sports Dev created this 3D video game. Join me in this dash for survival and find out how far you can go! Avoid being hit by axes and huge smashing balls! You must avoid obstacles like gigantic saws, lethal red knobs, and a spiny pit to reach the end goal.

    Release date: 23 January 2020 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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