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      Looking for something full of jump scares and thrill? If yes, then play this most horrible car racing game, which would never let you sit on your seat for longer.

      Play free Grave Driving on crazy games

       This arcade game is developed on the Halloween theme, and you have to drive your car from a world full of monsters, ghosts, and zombies safely. Don't worry; this non-human creature cannot break into your vehicle, but they will make you jump out of your skin for once. In other words, there is not any choice for you other than to be brave and encouraged. Let these monsters come in front of you and batter them with your highly fast-moving car. Don't worry since you're allowed to kill them, and it won't lower your reward in any way. Your primary focus should be on collecting as many coins as possible to finish more stages of this online multilevel car racing game. Show your excellent driving skills by driving through the rough pathway and chase the victory to make a new record in this zombie adventure game

      Welcome to the grave drive HTML 5 game on our website, the best crazy games. This is a card game where the player has to face different obstacles.

      The gravel drive is a very popular car racing game, in which you have to face a road full of zombies; bravery is the only option for you, drive the car carefully and kill all the enemies on your way to stand alive on the road.

      This grave drive game is as tough as the grave, but you must show your driving skills. You will face zig-zags, up-downs, hills, rocks, rivers, and bridges in the road. The zombies will jump from either side of the roads, look forward, backward, and sideways.

      There is a total of 100 levels in the racing game. With each passing level, you have to face the difficult roads and the stronger enemies. This game is very popular among boys and girls of all ages. Based on the rating, this is one of the best grave drive games of 2021.

      Instruction: Drive car by pressing WASD and jump on button SPACE.

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