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    Game description

    In Hex-A-Mong, you'll have to dodge incoming blocks of varying shapes and sizes. In Hex-A-Mong, players compete to remain upright while waves of increasingly difficult Desert 51 Shooting Game blocks descend upon them. Here you will learn Hex FRVR, the modern approach to cryptanalysis. Here, you'll have to line up the pieces in three directions, as the board is hexagonal.

    You can chill out the point of this headlock maze is merely entertainment. You can play for as long as possible because there is no leveling up or 2 Player lives system. You and your crossword prowess will have to take on this test of your mettle. It is the modern approach to puzzles; we call it Hex FRVR.

    You've arrived at a hexagonal platform where matching pieces require looking in all three dimensions! Do you feel up to the task at hand? You can chill out; the point of this Hypercasual Hexa block maze is merely entertainment. Play more because you like. There's no level system or live mode. It's a challenging task just for you and the puzzle-solving skill.

    Release date: 16 November 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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