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  • Hug and Kis City

    Hug and Kis City

    Android Android Adventure Adventure 2D 2D 2player 2player 2playergames 2playergames 1player 1player action action

    Game Description

    On Hug and Kiss Day 2, you, Noob Huggy Winter, have four objectives: gather money, stay clear of zombies, get kids' games, and walk through the door. You must show up at the front door undamaged and free from any disturbances caused by your offspring. They want your assistance in locating games suitable for children to play more than ever. Free activities for children and delivery rights to the door must be accessible. To achieve the highest possible score in this online game for children, you must amass as much gold as possible.

    Put your finest foot ahead on your date with clothing to impress Huggy Skate and accessorize with elegant pieces. Be sure you don't have any walls or toys or Hugi Wugi 2 for children lying around that might give the impression that you are untidy. You are free to go as soon as you have dressed and put on your shoes. Her favorite part of the first date is playing kid-oriented video games online. The lovebird stickers in this software would be a great addition to fun and free activities for children around five.

    Using these heartfelt "hug me" and "love" stickers, you may convey how much you cherish them to the person. Only one of the multiple adorable stickers that say "Hug Me, Love Me" is included in this collection. Playing the "how many kisses" Adventure game with a person is the most effective way for Red and Blue Stickman Huggy to communicate to that person how much you care about them. Use the smiling face of the embrace emoji to make your discourse kid-friendly through social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp.

    Release Date: 18 May 2022 , Platform: Web browser,

    1006 played times

    Category: Adventure

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