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  • Island Monster Offroad

    Island Monster Offroad

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    Game description

    Use the phrase 'Island Creature Off-road' in your Speed Intense Island game. Attempt to drive in a setting with mountains, water, mud, and more. Take Island Godzilla Off-road for a spin! Incredibly Cool Monster Truck Driving! Get your car through a setting with plenty of mountains, rivers, mud, and other obstacles.

    Island Giant Off-road is a third-person Jelly Island game in which you control massive vehicles. It has a variety of driving terrain, including mountains, coastlines, and natural environments. Demonstrate your prowess at challenging programming. Perform spectacular stunts on Monster-exclusive ramps.

    Haul those trucks over those mountains! Island Demon Off-road supports solo and broken-up play for up to two players. Give your guests the Unity 3D royal treatment and prove that you're the best driver. With its logical physics, you're in for a good time. The most crucial thing is to stay upright; you will surely lose if you fall. To play as Player 1, use WASD and press N to use Nitro. Navigate Using the Left Shift and Directional Buttons.

    Release date: 1 February 2021 , Platform: Web browser

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