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  • Plumber World 2

    Plumber World 2

    puzzle puzzle

    Game description

    Try the plumber world two games; if you are a puzzle freak, this game is a must; there are many plumbing puzzles, and you need a sharp mind to clear those puzzles. Plumber world two is the trickiest puzzle game, free to play. This Super Plumber Run game shows you a unique puzzle game board.

    The rules are excellent too, and this puzzle game concept is simple. You need to pass the water pipes or tunnels to every link and Puzzle connect all the tunnels so that they link with each other's, and the water flow goes into all of them. Your target is to unite every point of the tunnel to the other required tunnel and supply water.

    The Connect Pipes Plumber games are designed for people of every age, and they need a sharp mind with all senses active to play and solve puzzle games. This plumber world game board contains many tunnels and is designed to link with each other and supply the water from one part of the board to all other aspects. Many people are crazy about this free online repair game.

    Release date: 19 September 2021 , Platform: Web browser

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