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      Are you ready to unlock the door of victory for your slime character in this 2d puzzle game? Can you become a champion of all the masterminds? Play and prove!

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      The gameplay of this 2d platformer game revolves around a strange-looking slime character who is struggling to make a way out of a puzzle - A kind of Jigsaw planet. The entire puzzle game consists of multiple levels, and each next round will be tougher and more demanding than the previous ones. This brain game is all about your thinking power and how well you can perform in the series of brain teasers.

      At each level, the game scenario possesses some movable Minecraft blocks that cover a wooden door. Since that door will be your ticket to the next level, you have to remove those Minecraft builds to reach the door. Some buttons of different colors like red, yellow, blue, etc., will be equipped over a pole to remove these walls.

      Remember that your character cannot recognize these buttons, doors, and even the obstacles in this pixel game. Slime will continuously move back and forth and turn backward on striking a wall. Thus, if you want to remove the spikes and walls to reach the door, you have to press the button right after your character passes through them. It doesn't matter how many times you press these buttons in this 2d arcade game; they will not be of any use until your character is there.

      In the first two to three rounds, there will be no barriers, and all you have to do is make your way towards the door. However, as you will pass these initial levels, the real fun brains will begin. In the higher stages of this free brain game, you have to keep an eye over the finishing point and keep your character away from the spikes and other obstacles. There will be no second chance. There will be no health or extra life. One single contact with the spikes will end your play in this one of the best HTML 5 games.

      The best thing about this browser game is that it is not only a good and productive way to spend your free time, but this super casual game also develops exceptional skills in people of all ages such as boosting the stamina and thinking powers, making you a more competitive shooter to burst the bubble of mystery and many others. That's why these mobile and PC games are known as the best online games. So why are you still here? Jump into the first round of this side scroller and fun game to discover how many levels you can complete. If you enjoy this puzzle platformer game, you should try the "Brave Knight of the epic fantasy adventure game."

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