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      Game Description

      Are you looking for a different battle game based on mindful strategies and archery skills? If yes, then challenge yourself with this new stickdoll battle!

      Play free Stickdoll: God Of Archery games is a 2player and 2d graphics where you fun with archery. The gameplay of this battling game revolves around three main characters, Flame, who symbolizes the power of the fire; Ophelia, who symbolizes goodness; and Gargle, who symbolizes the power of poison. On entering the stick doll universe, the first thing you have to do is to collect the combat equipment to participate in the battle arena effectively. These battle equipment include arrows, armors, and item bubbles. While collecting the random item bubble, be mindful since not all the bubbles would be helpful for you.

      Once you are done with collecting equipment, enter the arena where you have to fire your collected arrows on the opponent in turn. If this cutthroat battle would end up without any winner, the participants have to play three more rounds, and at the end of those rounds, the player with the highest health will become the winner.

      You can play this multilevel battle game against an IA-based enemy or with your friends on multiplayer mode. Anyways this shooting game so fun to play, and you will love it for sure. Extend your battling experience further with the rotation blast!

      Release Date: 7 June 2021 , Platform: Web browser

      In this Hypercasual game Stickdoll : God Of Archery can be played directly on your browser mobile or desktop. This game has been played 292 times and has received a rating of 85/100% with votes. If you enjoy this Stickdoll : God Of Archery game, you can try also or more exciting Hypercasual games on bestcrazygames.

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