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  • Watermelon Shooter

    Watermelon Shooter

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    Game description

    In this game, a guy shall stand with fruits on his face and Water Slide Rush Racing hands, and it will be your job to shoot the melons; as you go through the stages in various ways. For instance, a machine rotates on a table, making it more difficult to blast the melons.

    This game has more than 17 different levels to go through! There is a maximum level cap of 20, so you should be satisfied. If you find yourself bored, you may Stickman Gun Shooter 3D either start the page again or choose a grade you would want to play if you won the game. You may enhance your ability to concentrate and your shooting abilities by playing with free gun toys & watermelon shooters.

    Use your handguns and pistols to fire precise shots to destroy the watermelons. In this handgun simulator game, you have to maintain your concentration on the Shooting target while at the same time eliminating fruit with bullets. This new gun app, mango blast, is a game in which you shoot at a target while holding a real handgun.

    If you're going to shoot fruits with a gun, be sure you don't strike the incorrect target. Use your shooter gun with a firm pistol grip to squash all the moving fruits. The objective of this Desert 51 Shooting Game game is the same as that of other fruit fps games: you must destroy the delicious watermelons before the crushers get to them.

    Release date: 20 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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