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    Save Egg

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    Game description

    Are you a fan of cross-platform games, especially those involving eggs? Then "Save Egg" will be a thrilling adventure for you! In this engaging game, you'll navigate through an array of platforms, capturing a kaleidoscope of balloons to maintain the equilibrium of an enormous, ever-hovering egg.

    However, not all items are balloons - the game also introduces stars that earn you bonus points and bats that snatch them right back! Will you manage to keep the egg intact and avoid plummeting? You'll have to pick a character and dive into the game to find out!

    Save The Egg is among the best platform games and cross-platform games, offering a captivating gaming experience on multiple devices. This game is accessible from online platform games and is available on various consoles, including platform games switch, platform games ps5, and platform games xbox one.

    Avid gamers who prefer handheld devices can indulge in this thrilling egg-saving journey on platform games pc. Furthermore, Mermaid Princess Save The Ocean adds value to the platform games list on multiple consoles, making it a must-play for every gaming enthusiast.

    The game has also been launched on the platform games for Nintendo Switch and is a hit among gamers who enjoy the challenge of platform games ps4. It is an enticing addition to the platform games Xbox selection, offering a unique gaming experience.

    Save Pilot ShooterS is also available on a multitude of mobile platforms. It has been included in the platform games Android free collection for Android users and can be easily downloaded from the platform games app. 

    Retro gaming enthusiasts would be excited to know that "Save Egg" is also available on platform games Amiga. It is also a part of the platform games Apple Arcade collection and platform games armor games, extending its reach to a wide range of gaming communities.

    Save the egg, dodge the bats, collect the stars and balloons, and see how long you can survive in this thrilling game. The fate of the egg lies in your hands, or rather, in your clicks and taps! Use the mouse click or tap to play and navigate using the keyboard arrow keys. Enjoy the thrill, excitement, and challenge of "Save Egg" across different platforms, and become the hero the egg world needs!

    Release date: 14 May 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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