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What are the most rated horror Games?

What are the best horror Games to play on phones and tablet?

What are rated horror Games?

Do you fear the spirits and the undead? Are you brave enough to fight them when you get a chance? If your answer is yes, then we have fulfilled your wish. The horror games under this category will make you more engrossed in them. The games have been designed in a way that feels almost real. If you want to make your room a haunted house or cemetery, play the games under this category. Our fun has already garnered much praise from gamers, and they love it already. Are you having problems believing us? Let us take you on tour so that you can for yourselves.

We have every type of game here, be it Ghostbusting gamesZombie hunt games, etc. The first type that you should consider is slender man games. The first game of this type that you can play is Slenderman must die. Here you have to kill the scary skinny man in a dark, gloomy, abandoned asylum. You will get suitable guns and other weapons that you have to use in the game. If you like to kill the slender lady or slendrina play, Slendrina Must die. Both of the games have a similar setting; the choice is yours. Another such game that you can play is Slenderman Horror Story. Here the gameplay is different. You will not provide any weapons; you have to acquire them on the go. In simple words, you have to complete the task with things you will find on the run. Exciting right? We know. Play these scary ghost games to unlock all the fun and thrills.

The other famous type of game that we have is Zombie killing games. Here you have to kill those creatures and be the brave heart. The first game that you should play is Into the Dead Trigger. You will embark on a mission to reach your destination. In this challenging mission, you have to kill all the zombies that attack you. The other game that you can play is Zombie’s Night. The rules in this real ghost game are similar, and the challenges are more challenging. Play both of the games to be the ultimate zombie hunter.

Want to venture into the dark and haunted villa for ghost hunting? Well, Granny’s Mansion is waiting for you. If you are brave enough to venture into the paranormal realm, this adventure ghost game is the perfect ghost hunting game for you. Let us keep the contents of the game secret and make it a bit harder challenge for you. Another such ghost runner game is The Island of Momo, where you have to overcome the wrath of Momo.

Do you like funny yet straightforward ghost games? We have Trollface Quest, which is very simple. It is entirely harmless for budding gamers, so parents can let their kids play this game. Our scary ghost games have always been superior on the graphics front, and 3D ghost games like Surze are prime examples.


Play free -21 Rated Horror games to bestcrazygames, top games are Scary Maze, Surze, Slenderman Horror Story ..., Inferno, Play Time Toy Horror S..., Shred And Crush 2, Trollface Quest: Horror ..., Slendrina Must Die: The ..., Slenderman Must Die: Sur..., Granny Mansion on page 1
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