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  • Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape

    Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape

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    Game description

    Embrace the challenge of surviving in a hazardous universe in our new maze game, Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape. Don't permit yourself to become disoriented. The mighty lords of the alphabet are eager for your arrival.

    Adopt a strategic approach! Your mission consists of fusing alphabets from smaller numbers to larger ones, thereby orchestrating an escape from the room. Execute a swipe motion to merge and achieve victory!

    GAMEPLAY PROCEDURE Initiate swiping motions to consolidate alphabets and traverse between different rooms. Opt for a room possessing a lower-numbered letter than your current one. Evade rooms guarded by alphabet lords keeping higher power levels than your current status—Amass power to conquer the ultimate threatening letter monster.

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    In conclusion, Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape is a fantastic time-killer game. So, enjoy the amalgamation of suspense, strategy, and fun. Experience the thrill of Alphabet Escape and have a blast!

    Release date: 3 June 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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