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  • Angry Rooster Run Subway

    Angry Rooster Run Subway

    3D 3D WebGL WebGL Animal Animal Unity 3D Unity 3D 1 Player 1 Player Collecting Collecting Free Free Fun Fun

    Game description

    Play the role of a farmer in Passionate Bull Run Tubes, a series of free arcades, and steal our fowl while avoiding traps and levelling up. Become a farmer in the free adventure Angry Checkers game Passionate Poultry Jump Subway, steal our chicken, dodge the trains, and get more strength by collecting coins.

    Ask yourself this: 'What if I were a chicken?' You'll love this game, then! Don't let the wicked guys take your liberty! Fly or leap to prevent rails or even regular autos. Some upgrades will allow you to soar Angry Sharks like a real bird. Since Freddie, a white guy has imprisoned our grandmother in the Incensed Institute.

    She plans an attack and will need YOUR assistance finding her way across the city once she is released. In this weird new infinite runner Animal game, you'll have to sprint, leap, dash, and slide over or past many challenges.

    Release date: 21 December 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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