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  • Winx Club Spot the Differences

    Winx Club Spot the Differences

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     Have fun for nothing by participating in this thrilling 'Spot the Difference' game, among the other free kid-friendly activities. Can you find all three hearts in each of the free online games for kids and gather them? Can't seem to find them, or having trouble doing so? Not to worry, five kid-friendly games are available at no cost during the celebration.
    Have you ever supposed that you were one of the Pool Club, dashing through incredible 3D environments inspired by horror films? You can do it right now.
    Choose your favorite fairy and race against the clock to gather as many hearts as possible in Pillar of Control, a challenging game for young girls. Don't go too close to Tritannus as you travel through the reefs and tunnels; beware of the spells sent by the kid's online game! Once you've completed your training, you'll be ready to use powerful spells on Cave Club Dolls Jigsaw Puzzle Game. Get ready for some fun, kid-friendly gaming room concepts!

    If the Selkies can be saved now, before Tritannus kidnaps them, he won't be able to use them in his scheme to pollute the Infinite Ocean Adventure.
    Whether Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Musa, or Tecna, youngsters may play as their favorite gaming consoles!
    - Choose from four unique arenas inspired by the show: Shark Eye Mountain, the Infinite Ocean, the Pillar of Kids' Game Places, and the Pillar of Balance!
    Speed, defense, and invulnerability may all be bolstered by casting spells, using protective items, and tapping into the Sirenix Power.
    - Play music and sound effects from games with your kids in complete 3D immersion.
    Incredible bundles:

    Fun for the whole family, you may guide Stella across Shark Eye Mountain in the family-friendly video games.
    Stella and Flora are ready to play the kid-friendly crossword puzzle game with you!
    - Disney's Princess Aisha and Musa are the stars of some of the best-selling video games for kids.
    Four of your favorite fairies can be at your disposal in a widely played card game for kids with the purchase of the Super Fairy Pack.
    The Twin Track Bundle includes children's Day Control and the enemies.
    The Best Junior Scrabble Game Ever! Get Unlimited Access for One Low Price!

    Release Date: 30 June 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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