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  • Endless Space Travel

    Endless Space Travel

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    Explore the cosmos by visiting the Endless Sprint's many planets. Check out how incredible the worlds are, and Oh, oh! Aliens are approaching you! You cannot have weapons on your ship; thus, you must avoid colliding with other vessels. Utilize a spacecraft to traverse black holes, rocks, supernovas, magnetic fields, Action galaxies, white dwarfs, and more.

    Discover your way. Delta Merc Space Boost is your ticket to action. Join the reputable space rangers and serve as an enforcer of the law. Consider joining Motus, a transport firm that offers a variety of escorts and lucrative trading missions, if you prefer a less stressful career.

    Join Syndicate, a rogue crew of smugglers that Lego focuses on targeting spacecraft throughout the galaxy and working as a space pirate. By accumulating reputation points with each side, you will get access to more complicated and lucrative assignments.

    Release Date: 8 July 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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