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  • Ninja Slicer

    Ninja Slicer

    Ninja Ninja Zombie Zombie Mouse Mouse 1 Player 1 Player Arcade Arcade

    Game Description

    When ancient experts foretold the arrival of a Game Ninja Wall Runner zombie apocalypse, and because there is only one ninja who can defeat all of them, the onus is on you to go to the anticipated location and eliminate all of the colliding with the spikes. Be very cautious since you might end up dead if you don't.

    And it is something you do not want. It is a highly addictive ability game where the goal is to chop up as many apples as you can, and indeed the Ninjago because the ninja despises fruit, the game specifies consists of slicing up the fruit tossed up from the bottom of the screen.

    Doodle Jump is a video game that has several Colorfulcomponents that are not only intriguing but also thrilling. As you sweep your finger over the net and wield your blade, the feeling you get is beyond anything you could ever put into words. The strategy of using 3D to compete with 2D resulted in the game having awe-inspiring visual effects.

    If you cut open a fruit that has lots of water inside it, the juice will splash out all over the place. How fantastic is that? This game has various fruits, including melon, Slice Rush strawberry, banana, strawberries, blues, bananas, pears, and others. Reduce their number as quickly as possible before they collapse. You only have to worry Knives And Slices about making sure the explosives aren't turned off because if you do that, the game is finished.

    Release Date: 5 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser,

    2967 played times

    Category: Action

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