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    html5 html5 3D 3D First Person Shooter First Person Shooter Mouse Mouse .io Games .io Games Killing Killing Multiplayer Multiplayer 1 Player 1 Player Gun Gun Shooting Shooting Sniper Sniper Android Android iPhone iPhone Mobile Mobile iPad iPad

    Game description

    There is a wide variety of playable Vegas Revenge characters in the game Venge.io. And tactical equipment and unique skills! Multiplayer gaming and found online. In the Venge.io match, you can choose from various playable characters. In addition to their unique talents and weaponry.

    In Alus Revenge 2, you'll be in a mode similar to "grab the flag," in which you try to capture their flag. As a multiplayer shooter, Venge.io requires players to accomplish in-game missions for victory.

    Four maps will be available for competition, and teams of multiplayer games will fight for control of objectives on each map. Use your four munitions, Scar, Rifle, 1 Player Sniper, or Tec-9, to fight off the other players and stay alive as much as possible to win the game.

    Release date: 9 January 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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