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Using lots of powerful guns you can take out much enemy in this mentolatux game. Our shooting, cars and other games is inspired by a big brand like Call of Duty and Minecraft pixel. Fighting in  Environment blocky pixel 3D or you can try realistic shooting and driving games. Maybe back in time and play dinosaurs survival games in great fun with friends around the world.

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What are the most popular Mentolatux Games?

What are the best Mentolatux Games to play on phones and tablet?

What are Mentolatux Games?

Creativity is all time present on the mind of developer Mentolatux, usually involve games like shooting, driving, drifting, zombie apocalypse. Pixel games are fun and all of them are unity 3d with a good quality environment.

Multiplayer Shooting Games

Real-time you can battle with players around the world in shooting games like Xtreme Good Guys vs Bad Boys and paintball games like GunGame Paintball Wars, this name is very popular, players come around the world and can chat and play in private room, you can create server and adding bots dinosaurs dangerous like in Dinosaurs Survival The End Of World. Solid fps games famous are Xtreme Good And Bad Boys 2 and Blocky Combat Swat 3.

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