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  • Blocky Gun Paintball

    Blocky Gun Paintball

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    game description

    Conflict in the city blocks has escalated. Take control of the ruthless pixel assassin who can alone take on a whole gang. Take on contracts and blast down hordes of bad guys led by considerable bosses in this pixel-based shooter. Fight to victory in the block city warfare in Blocky Gun Paintball 3.

    This is the initial period you've glimpsed, something like the difficulty of this first-person shooter pixel game. To prevail in the block city battles, you'll need the most powerful pixel gun as you go through the game and fight more challenging foes. Weapon options include a variety of guns and rocket launchers that will leave your adversaries in shattered voxels.

    This pixel shooter game is perfect for you if you want nonstop action. Use the environment to your advantage by blowing up barrels and setting traps for pixel 3D foes. If you can outsmart and outpace your boss, you can kill them with a single shot. This is one of the most thrilling spaceship shooters you'll ever play.

    Release Date: 25 April 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile) ,Last update: 18 June 2023

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