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  • Diving In The Pacific

    Diving In The Pacific

    Puzzle Puzzle Mobile Mobile hiddenobjects hiddenobjects underwater underwater

    Game Description

    With our scuba diving simulator and underwater games, you may explore and dive at your leisure whenever and anywhere you choose. The killer shark's mission is to track down and kill a megalodon in underwater games like subnautica. If you're looking for a good fish hunting simulator 2023, you could try hunting the giant shark in the North American Ocean. Experience the thrill of scuba diving and underwater games online in this watercolor simulation. Get off that virtual power boat and free-swimming with the leaping dolphins.

     Do as the deadly sharks do and feast on terrified people floating in the water. When sharks are hungry or enraged, they have developed to the point where they may rip apart their best underwater game. The shark is hoping to find some easy prey among the beachgoers. The best time to murder someone is when they are completely defenceless.

    The goal of the Game Ninja Wall Runner is to simulate reality as closely as possible. Go on a rampage in the ocean's depths, tearing apart everything in your path and become a monstrous sea creature capable of dispatching brave spearfishermen and wreaking havoc on the marine underwater game assets. Get ready to hunt the most coveted fish and become an ace shooter by enjoying hunting with your shotgun in this underwater alien game. When navigating deep waters, sharks are rampant, so steer clear of coral reefs and algae.

    Release Date: 16 January 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    132 played times

    Category: Arcade

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