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  • Grenade Hit Stickman

    Grenade Hit Stickman

    Stickman Stickman bomb bomb stickmans stickmans bombs bombs destroy destroy

    Game Description

    When existed the previous period, you dropped a grenade at a stickman and watched where it landed.
    Break beyond the restrictions of the holy hand grenade game and destroy any who stand in your way! Shoot the leader, destroy the strongholds, and raze the towns of your enemies.

    Miniclip grenade game has satisfyingly destructive power and an infinite number of unlockable strategies. You may aim in the online Twist Hit 2 by dragging your finger upward and releasing it when the sight is at the desired spot. Aim with pinpoint accuracy when lobbing grenades at your foes' ragdolls, and try to employ as few distractions as possible.

    You win the bomb assault game if you demolish every ragdoll enemy; you lose Teddy Bear Zombie Grenades if you run out of grenades; you win a round if you smash every smoke grenade; you lose if you run out of grenades. The vast arsenal of grenades unlocked one at a time as you go through the game is the most exciting aspect of the grenade game content.

    Release Date: 11 November 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    729 played times

    Category: 3D

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