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  • Bomber Ghost

    Bomber Ghost

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    game description

    Bomber Ghost is a 2d online game in which you have to bomb and hit the best moving Halloween games. There are a lot of ghost games to play offline online, but this is one Bomb Prank of the best for adults and the best ghost games for kids.

    The ghost is moving from left to right. In this game, you are a character with a bomb that hits the ghosGhostd the first bomb is the bomb. You have two Crazy Bomber bombs to make the game easy. But you can make it difficult by making the ghosts move and hit the different bombs.

    You have a vast collection of bombs to choose from, and Ghostly Jigsaw has different bomb types that you can use in the game. These types are regular bombs, light bombs and heavy bombs, and all you have to do is hit these ghosts.  

    Release Date: 9 March 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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