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  • Draw and Save The Car

    Draw and Save The Car

    Car Car Fun Fun Casual Casual brain brain funny funny drawing drawing draw draw

    Game Description

     Draw a bridge to assist the automobile over the chasm and reach its destination. As you go through the Drawing Color Game, various threats and challenges will increase in intensity. This is a roll-and-draw game, so you need to put more thought into your designs. Earning money from completing tasks will allow you to purchase drawing games, barbie, and more powerful vehicles.

    Are you tired of being bored? It would help if you drew a poly bridge to win the best draw games race.

    It takes one finger and a little practice dragging to make a bridge sturdy enough to let cars cross to the other side and collect the blood draw games. You need one line to design a bridge, so safety is your priority.

    Though your blind draw games can't defy the force of gravity, you may use your ingenuity to make it sturdy (and quiet enough for driving).

    When you reach drawing game characters, switching cars may be the answer. How about a motorbike? Alternatively, an excellent HAPPY FUN GLASS DRAW LINES automobile. Such as operating fire engines.

    Draw Weapons Rush is a cute game. There is no cost to participate. (although to a somewhat annoying degree)

    Second, unlockable vehicles of varying sizes and speeds.

    Third, you may set up your drawing games and coloring in any location without access to the internet.

    Four challenging, landform- and mechanism-packed levels

    Five-star bridge-drawing experience with vibrant colors and a crazy draw games interface

    Release Date: 28 December 2022 , Platform: Web browser,

    378 played times

    Category: Arcade

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