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  • Hamster Maze Online

    Hamster Maze Online

    3D 3D Animal Animal Platform Platform 1player 1player running running kids kids kid kid cute cute maze maze food food cutedressup cutedressup pets pets

    Game description

    We all know how cute hamsters are! But not everyone can purchase Giant Hamster Run them. They are tiny and fluffy. They can even be your best friends if you pet them nicely. In these, you will have a cute little hamster.

    You will buy him friendly tools and playing gadgets like spinning wheels, stairs, etc. You will tell the hamster to move those stairs to reach his plate. In the end, in Hamster Stack Maze, if the hamster reaches the final destination correctly,

    he will be rewarded with yummy food. Different tools will get incorporated into the hamsters' walking Hamster Coloring Book activity with each passing level. It will test how well you can pet and train an animal.

    Release date: 5 January 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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